50 Second Shout Outs


Could you help raise awareness about Psoriasis in just 50 seconds?


We want to hear your experience of living with psoriasis.


Psoriasis Shout Out® aims to raise awareness of psoriasis and to bring together patients with professionals working in the field of psoriasis management and research. This year, we want to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK Psoriasis Association with a creative audio project, ‘50 Second Shout Outs’.


We will record 50 second snippets of people’s thoughts about living with psoriasis, which will then be shared in a variety of ways – including on social media and in mini-podcasts.


We want to share experiences, bust myths and let people know what life with psoriasis is really like, so we'd like to invite you to get involved and record your own 50 Second Shout Out. You may wish to talk about how psoriasis impacts your daily life, or how you felt when you were first diagnosed. You could tell us what you do to live well with psoriasis, what psoriasis means to you, or perhaps share your experience of participating in a psoriasis research project.


How to get involved

There are two ways for you to get involved: come along to our recording session Manchester, or record your 50 Second Shout Out on your smartphone and send it to us.


Recording session

We will be recording on-location at the Psoriasis Shout Out® Roadshow in St Ann’s Square, Manchester on Tuesday 11th October, 9am – 3pm. Drop in anytime to record your 50 Second Shout Out.


Record your own

If you are unable to make it to Manchester, you can still get involved.  We are also accepting 50 Second Shout Out recordings from smartphones. Instructions for submitting an audio or video Shout Out can be downloaded from this page.

50 Second Shout Outs Audio Recording Guide

50 Second Shout Outs Video Recording Guide

50 Second Shout Outs Consent Form

This work was supported by the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund award [204796/Z/16/Z]

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. It is non-contagious and is characterised by patches of red, flaky skin. The condition is unique to each individual patient- there are many different forms of psoriasis, and the amount of skin involved can range from tiny patches to extensive body coverage. Psoriasis has a genetic component, and flare-ups can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress, anxiety or an infection.

More information on psoriasis can be found on the Psoriasis Association website