We have a dynamic group of patient ambassadors in UK/Ireland who have been vital in taking the Psoriasis Shout Out® forward by informing and supporting our activities and events.


Our ambassadors provide peer support acting as 'patient experts' and signposting members of the public to further information on psoriasis. Our ambassadors and patient volunteers are a key part of making the Psoriasis Shout Out® a success.

Lauren Taylor

I’m Lauren Taylor, I have had psoriasis since I was around 7. Through my school years I was seen regularly at Bolton Royal before being a temporary inpatient for intensive tar treatment at Salford Royal Hospital. Since then I’ve been a regular to the Wednesday clinics, trying different treatments to various degrees of success – I’m now 25 with very little psoriasis thanks to the new Biologics.


I love camping, climbing, cats, candy, and combining those where possible. I work in the culture sector, so also enjoy a good gallery visit, seeing live music and going to open mic nights. I’m really looking forward to being an ambassador for Psoriasis Shout Out®. The campaign has done such good work already, and I’m eager to assist in its mission to get more people talking about psoriasis. 

Becca Darwent-Black

I’m Becca and I first heard about the Psoriasis Shout Out® through searching the hash tag #psoriasis on twitter. I came to the event at Salford Royal (in 2014) and couldn’t believe that all these people were getting up and dancing for psoriasis, it was overwhelming. At this point my whole mental state was a mess. I felt low, ugly, angry and quite hateful - all of which slowly went as the afternoon went on. I met patient ambassadors Toby Hadoke and Helen Hanrahan, and I couldn’t get my head round how accepting they both were (to a point) of their psoriasis.


I have since been admitted (as an inpatient) to Salford Royal Hospital. The admission was what I needed to finally accept my psoriasis, and embrace it as part of me. With the help of all the wonderful staff and patients I feel I’ve done just that. I was out of hospital in time for summer – the perfect time to get my legs out in a pair of shorts. Yes I’m flake free for the first time in over 10 years, and it feels amazing.


I truly believe that the Psoriasis Shout Out® event was my turning point and I would love to be able to help others in the way Toby and Helen helped me. 

Russ Cowper

I am Russell Cowper, I’m 50 years old and I have psoriasis and also psoriatic arthritis.  I have had psoriasis and the arthritis since my early teens. Salford Royal Dermatology team (the Derm team) have been my main carers now for over 15 years. I’m a regular on the Derm ward and over time I have had numerous treatments, from Tar to Tablets and now the new Biologics. 


I’m a fairly normal bloke, love football, reading, politics and I’m known to enjoy a couple of beers with the lads. 
Recently I have become a patient ambassador for Psoriasis Shout Out®. Hopefully my experiences can add to the campaign and also be used to help others. 

Helen Hanrahan

I’m Helen Hanrahan and I’ve suffered from psoriasis for almost 18 years. Frustrated by the lack of available advice regarding suitable clothing that would help me to dress fashionably despite my skin condition, I set up my blog, The Flaky Fashionista in July 2012


The aim of this blog is to show all women who suffer from psoriasis that it is absolutely possible to look fabulous, even on your flakiest days. As someone who has had a passion for fashion since a very early age, Helen strongly believes that what you wear affects how you feel, ‘if you know you look well, you feel more confident.’ The Flaky Fashionista is a light-hearted blog, with lots of tips, photos, recommendations and advice on where to buy clothes. Above all, it attempts to put a more positive slant on being a psoriasis patient and promises never to mention loose, baggy, cotton clothing!


Helen will be coordinating the Dublin Psoriasis Shout Out 2016.

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What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. It is non-contagious and is characterised by patches of red, flaky skin. The condition is unique to each individual patient- there are many different forms of psoriasis, and the amount of skin involved can range from tiny patches to extensive body coverage. Psoriasis has a genetic component, and flare-ups can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress, anxiety or an infection.

More information on psoriasis can be found on the Psoriasis Association website