Psoriasis Shout Out 2016 Flashmob 

A light-hearted dance compilation filmed as part of the Psoriasis Shout Out 2016  to raise the profile of the initiative and awareness of the chronic skin condition. Featuring psoriasis patients, staff & students from The University of Manchester and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and international organisations all working to improve the lives of psoriasis patients world-wide.

Psoriasis ShoutOut® – Ireland 

Led by fashion blogger/psoriasis patient Helen Hanrahan and Consultant Dermatologist Prof Brian Kirby, the Psoriasis Shout Out® roadshow visited Dublin 22-23 June 2016.

How can you get involved in psoriasis research? 

New films produced by the Psoriasis Shout Out® to explain the different ways you can get involved in psoriasis research in your area.

Why Get Involved With Psoriasis Research?

We invited a selection of volunteers to tell us more about why they got involved with Psoriasis Research.

Psoriasis Shout Out 2016 PROMO

Promotional trailer for the 2016 Psoriasis Shout Out 18-24 June 2016. 

Psoriasis: a life in rhythm and rhyme

Last year, we asked people to share their experiences of psoriasis, living with a visible skin condition or feeling different. A selection of these poems have now been brought to life on camera. Some are written by professional poets, others by novice poets. We believe all are powerful, emotive and thought provoking. 

‘Psoriasoaurus’ by Pippa Farina

‘Psoriasoaurus’ and illustrations by Pippa Farina for the Psoriasis Shout Out®

Pippa said "I have had psoriasis for forty three and a half years.
I have ducked and dived, wheeled and dealed,begged and pleaded, cursed and threatened it. All to no avail. So I decided to make a little friend of it and have some fun!! Pip is a Reptilamorphic Personification of my skin.  How cool is that?"

‘Untouchable’ by Keith Hutson

Keith Hutson’s ‘Untouchable’ is a dedication to a close friend. He remarked “I have great personal respect for the friend I wrote about in Untouchable. He is an extraordinary person whose psoriasis - although a major factor in his life - does not define him, although in his younger days it had huge well-being and self-esteem ramifications. But the message that I wanted to put across in the poem was that there is help out there, and that we all are so much more than the sum of our parts. I wanted to write a poem of realistic hope, and a tribute”. 

‘Sometimes it gets me down’ by Russ Cowper 

Psoriasis patient Russ Cowper wrote his poem ‘Sometimes it gets me down’ about his feelings of living with the condition. He said, “Psoriasis is such a hidden affliction that anything that raises awareness is fantastic. I am quite humbled that my poem was so appreciated, and for it to be made into a film is an extraordinary accolade! If my efforts make one person feel better about themselves I will consider it an enormous success”.

‘Dispersing Psoriasis’ by Andy N 

 ‘Dispersing Psoriasis’ by Andy N, is a dedication to a close friend and explains the background to her condition. Andy remarked, “I chose to get involved with this project to raise awareness of the condition. I have Diabetes, which a lot is known about nowadays, in contrast to psoriasis. I have seen my friend suffer for some years with psoriasis, and when the opportunity arose to write these poems I decided to write them to help other people and show that they are not alone." 

‘Subtitling Psoriasis by Andy N 

 ‘Subtitling Psoriasis’ by Andy N, a dedication to a close friend and a companion piece to ‘Dispersing Psoriasis'. 

‘We are the Psoriasis Warriors’ by Char March 

‘We are the Psoriasis Warriors’ by Char March and performed by psoriasis patient Rebecca Darwent-Black for the Psoriasis Shout Out®. This poem was one of a series produced as a result of Char’s time working Char with staff at the Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research as Writer-In-Residence for the NHS in the North West.

The films have been produced by 2btv

Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out - Flashdance!

Film produced by Phil Bracegirdle for Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out 2014 – staff and students from The University of Manchester and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust dancing to raise awareness of the skin condition. Also featuring New Charter Academy students and actor Toby Hadoke.

Let's Talk Psoriasis

Film produced by Haelo for Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out 2014 - Toby, Pippa and Josie speak about their experience of living with the skin condition.

Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out Fashion Show

Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out 2014 ended on a high note with a fashion show at intu Trafford Centre, run by Ireland’s fashion blogger and psoriasis patient Helen Hanrahan. NHS and University staff joined psoriasis patients on the Orient catwalk to model the latest fashions (carefully chosen by Helen) and to share ‘top tips’ on how to dress with psoriasis during the spring/summer season – often a problematic time of year for people with the condition. 

John Thomson supports the Shout Out!

Actor John Thomson speaks about living with psoriasis and lends his support to Manchester Psoriasis Shout Out 2014.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. It is non-contagious and is characterised by patches of red, flaky skin. The condition is unique to each individual patient- there are many different forms of psoriasis, and the amount of skin involved can range from tiny patches to extensive body coverage. Psoriasis has a genetic component, and flare-ups can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress, anxiety or an infection.

More information on psoriasis can be found on the Psoriasis Association website