Psoriasis Shout Out®

Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research

Professor Chris Griffiths and Susie Moschogianis (Psoriasis Shout Out Coordinator)

Psoriasis affects over 1.8 million people in the UK.


Few people, however, talk publically about having the condition as it can be considered embarrassing and unsightly. Because psoriasis (an inflammatory condition) is more than skin-deep it can have a significant impact upon an individual’s quality of life.


The Psoriasis Shout Out is led by Professor Chris Griffiths, Director of the Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research. The initiative aims to get people talking about psoriasis (what it is and what it isn’t) and to bring psoriasis patients together with professionals working in the field of psoriasis management and research. The overarching message is a positive one - it is possible to live well with psoriasis. 

The first series events was held in 2014 which was followed by the Psoriasis Shout Out roadshow in 2016, with events held in Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle and London.


The Psoriasis Shout Out® roadshow 2016 took place 18-24 June, with events held in Manchester, Dublin, Newcastle and London. 

The Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research is one of the leading dermatology research groups in the world with expertise in areas including psoriasis, photobiology, skin ageing, hair follicle biology and the brain-skin axis.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease. It is non-contagious and is characterised by patches of red, flaky skin. The condition is unique to each individual patient- there are many different forms of psoriasis, and the amount of skin involved can range from tiny patches to extensive body coverage. Psoriasis has a genetic component, and flare-ups can be triggered by a variety of factors including stress, anxiety or an infection.

More information on psoriasis can be found on the Psoriasis Association website