Outstanding Public Engagement Award for Psoriasis Shout Out

Dermatology have done exceptionally well in gaining a ‘highly commended’ in the University’s Making a Difference Awards 2015.

Dermatology have done exceptionally well in gaining a ‘highly commended’ in the University’s ‘Making a Difference Awards’. The awards recognise and celebrate the many different types of social responsibility achievements of the University’s academic and professional support staff, students and alumni. IIR recommended the Centre for Dermatology Research for the ‘Outstanding public engagement initiative’ for the work done around last year’s Psoriasis Shout Out events. Sam Ryder, Head of Research Operations and Business Engagement said “The Centre was honoured to be recommended for an award. We place huge importance on PPI/E and could not have delivered such a successful series of events without the enthusiasm and support of our psoriasis patients, the general public and our Shout Out Co-ordinator, Susie Moschogianis. We have ambitious plans for the Psoriasis Shout Out and aim to create a hub and spoke model with UK and International centres in 2016”. Due to the breadth of interest in the initiative, the Centre has registered Psoriasis Shout Out© as a trade mark.

Pictured: Susie Moschogianis and Sam Ryder at the Social Responsibility Awards, May 2015

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