Rebecca is our first Shout Out 2015 ambassador!

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Darwent-Black as our first Shout Out ambassador for 2015.

A visitor to our roadshow last year, Rebecca will help plan our upcoming activities and will be on hand to share her experiences of living with the condition.

"I first heard about the shout out through searching the hash tag #psoriasis on twitter. I was at a very low point with my psoriasis and I started to chat to fellow patients Helen Harahan and Toby Hadoke. Knowing that there were people outside my family who knew and all about the disease was somewhat comforting. It truly gave me hope. I knew I had to be a part of the Shout Out.

I came to the event at Salford Royal and couldn’t believe that all these people were getting up and dancing for psoriasis – it was overwhelming. At this point my whole mental state was a mess. I felt low, ugly, angry and quite hateful – all of which slowly went as the afternoon went on. I met Toby and Helen in person, and I couldn’t get my head round how accepting they both were (to a point) of their psoriasis. It was so nice to just be truly honest about how I felt. We also made a few jokes about psoriasis and leaving skin around, which, if you’ve ever suffered from psoriasis, you will know that you need to maintain some level of humour to keep you sane!

I have since been admitted [as an inpatient] to Salford Royal. The admission was what I needed to finally accept my psoriasis, and embrace it as part of me. With the help of all the wonderful staff and patients I feel I’ve done just that. I was out of hospital in time for summer – the perfect time to get my legs out in a pair of shorts. Yes I’m flake free for the first time in over 10 years, and it feels amazing.

I truly believe that the Shout Out was my turning point and I would love to be able to help others in the way Toby and Helen helped me. So sign me up for Shout Out 2015!"

Rebecca Darwent-Black

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