Psoriasis: a life in rhythm and rhyme

A series of poems about the inflammatory skin condition psoriasis hav​e been produced by Manchester’s Psoriasis Shout Out® to raise awareness of the condition.

Last year, we asked people to share their experiences of psoriasis, of living with a visible skin condition or feeling different. This collection of poems were aired for the first time at a unique spoken-word event during Psoriasis Shout Out 2014 and made available into a booklet. Some are written by professional poets, others by complete novices. We believe all are powerful, emotive and thought provoking.

A selection of the poems have been brought to life on camera, with the first in the series of films scheduled for release on 29th October to mark World Psoriasis Day, an annual day dedicated to people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

These first two films, ‘Sometimes it gets me down’ by Russ Cowper and ‘Untouchable’ by Keith Hutson have been fully dramatised.

Psoriasis patient Russ was heavily involved in the production of his poem. He remarked, “Psoriasis is such a hidden affliction that anything that raises awareness is fantastic. I am quite humbled that my poem was so appreciated, and for it to be made into a film is an extraordinary accolade! If my efforts make one person feel better about themselves I will consider it an enormous success”.

Poet Keith penned ‘Untouchable’ as a dedication to a close friend. He said “I have great personal respect for the friend I wrote about in Untouchable. He is an extraordinary person whose psoriasis – although a major factor in his life – does not define him, although in his younger days it had huge well-being and self-esteem ramifications. But the message that I wanted to put across in the poem was that there is help out there, and that we all are so much more than the sum of our parts. I wanted to write a poem of realistic hope, and a tribute”.

Both films were produced by 2btv

More films are scheduled to be released next week to mark UK Psoriasis Awareness Week

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