‘Psoriasoaurus’ is the latest film released by the Psoriasis Shout Out® to mark UK Psoriasis Awareness Week.

Written and performed by psoriasis patient Pippa Farina, this unique animation was produced by Manchester based company 2btv to raise awareness of the condition.

Pippa said "I have had psoriasis for forty three and a half years. I have ducked and dived, wheeled and dealed, begged and pleaded, cursed and threatened it. All to no avail. So I decided to make a little friend of it and have some fun!! Pip is a reptilamorphic personification of my skin. How cool is that?"

Please visit Piptoons to see more of Pippa’s work.

The full collection of Psoriasis Shout Out® poems 2015 are now available to view here

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