First Psoriasis Shout Out UK/Ireland ambassador meeting

The Psoriasis Shout Out held its first UK/Ireland ambassador meeting on 16th April 2016 in Manchester.

Held at DoubleTree Hilton hotel, the aim of the event was to discuss ideas for the upcoming Psoriasis Shout Out roadshow (18-24 June) and to empower our ‘patient experts’ with up-to-date knowledge on psoriasis and new treatments. Attended by our patient ambassadors from around the UK and Ireland, training sessions were delivered by Dr Chris Bundy, Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Medicine/Health Psychology at The University of Manchester, and Dr Elise Kleyn, Consultant Dermatologist at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust/Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Manchester. Rebecca Darwent-Black is a Psoriasis Shout Out ambassador from Manchester “I really enjoyed the event as it gave me the opportunity to meet other ambassadors and for us to discuss the different ways we live with and view our condition. I now feel more like a part of a wider network of ambassadors, and am really looking forward to the June events!

Pictured: Psoriasis Shout Out ambassadors gearing up for another Psoriasis Shout Out ‘don’t believe me just watch’!

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